Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apricot Power

Apricot Power sent me some yummy products to try in exchange for my honest review.  Who is Apricot Power?  Here is a little more about the company:

About Apricot Power 

Apricot Power is a reliable source for quality apricot kernels and B17 products. 

Apricot Power has been providing California grown apricot kernels since 1999. Over the years the company has grown and now sells more than 100 different products and supplements to health conscious customers around the world. Apricot kernels and B17 are there top sellers. 

The Blueberry Snack Bar is the first thing I tried out.  Let me tell you.....this bar is AMAZING!  It had a great mixture of blueberry and apricots and the perfect texture.  So often, breakfast bars can be too hard or extremely dry tasting....not this bar!  It was soft and chewy with the right amount of goodness.  This was my favorite product of all the items sent.

Next up is the apricots.  They came in a little pouch that contained 3 apricots per serving.  I opened these little bags up and consumed every one!  They were not at all like the ones from the grocery store (hard to chew).  These little guys were soft and good!  

Lastly, the ApriSweet dark chocolate bar was a sweet treat without the guilt.  The dark chocolate mixed with the apricot kernels and dried apricots is an interesting combination that tasted superb!  Biting into the crisp dark chocolate and having a chewy apricot piece here and there was something I really enjoyed!

Check out Apricot Power for these delicious treats and other products like B17, weight management,  health drinks and many more!

http://www.apricotpower.comApricot PowerApricot Power
http://www.apricotpower.comApricot Power

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