Monday, October 20, 2014

Green Bark Gummies

Green Bark Gummies Review & Giveaway!

I own an eight-year-old Labrador Retriever (Sabre) who recently retired from being a narcotics detection K9 for the Black Diamond Police Department.  He performed his job well for seven years, and now it’s time for him to be a normal dog.  Being a normal dog means taking naps on the couch, walks with the family and being spoiled with dog treats.

Sabre has had the opportunity to sample many different types of dog treats since his retirement.  He has always been fed high-end quality dog food; therefore, I only give him high-end quality dog treats.  Sabre’s health is extremely important to me and I refuse to sacrifice that by feeding him junk.

I recently found a brand of treats that are among the highest quality that my dog extremely enjoys.  Green Bark Gummies come in small bites for small dogs and medium/large bites for larger dogs.  Each bag is 8.4 ounces, which is enough to last for quite some time.  There are three different types of Green Bark Gummies.  The first is Skin and Coat.  This type of dog treat will help your dog maintain a healthy skin and coat.  The second is Hip and Joint.  This will help your dog maintain healthy hips and support joint health.  The last is Healthy Digestion, which is self-explanatory. 

All thee types of Green Bark Gummies are powered by Omega 3’s, found in CHIA (which is one of the most powerful super foods).  Healthy ingredients include fish, peas and Chlorophyll from natural ingredients like alfalfa.  Lastly, they contain kelp that helps freshen breath.  Above all, my dog absolutely loves them.  I have a specific cupboard in my kitchen where I keep my Green Bark Gummies.  Sabre knows this is his treat cupboard and comes running when he hears it open.  He enjoys the treats and I enjoy knowing that they are promoting his health.  Green Bark Gummies has offered one reader (6) bags of their yummy treats!!

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I did receive these products for promotional purposes, but I honestly can tell you that I absolutely love the healthy benefits of the gummies and so does Sabre.  At the end of the giveaway, I will use the Rafflecopter information to contact you if you are the winner.


  1. My baby is Digger cause he has little legs and looks like he was good for digging LOL

  2. The kids named her Goldie because of her golden color.