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Loreal Age Perfect Cell Renewal Review

L'OREAL Age Perfect Cell Renewal Review & First Impressions

I have been given the opportunity to try Loreal's new Age Perfect Cell Renewal day cream, night cream and serum.  I am a skin care junkie who has tried so many brands from high-end to drugstore.   I just turned 40 this year and I am focused on making my skin care routine a priority. 

These products focus on cell renewal.  As skin ages, cell renewal decreases so skin looks dry and dull.  While reading up on these products, I learned that the moisturizer and serum are supposed to speed up surface skin cell renewal, revealing millions of new skin cells each day for fresher, more youthful skin.  So basically, I will experience quicker cell turnover and more youthful skin.

Cell Renewal Golden Serum

This serum comes in a pump and I find that using two pumps covers my face and neck.  It comes out looking like liquid gold and almost has an iridescent look.  I noticed right away it is very scented.  I like the strong scent but I could see this strong scent turing someone off who is sensitive to perfumes.  It feels very soft and light weight going on my face and dries rather quickly.  I like that it dries quickly so I can apply the moisturizer.  I also like how this serum sinks into my skin leaving my face hydrated.  My first impressions so far has been fabulous and I have been using it for two weeks.  It suggests that results are expected  in four weeks, I will continue to use it daily as my results so far are visible.  

Cell Renewal Day Cream 

These moisturizers come in the most elegant gold jars that look stunning sitting on my bathroom counter.  The jars are heavy and have some weight to them, overall beautiful packaging.  The day cream and night cream are very similar.  They both have a very strong floral scent that again could bother someone with sensitivity.  Personally, I find the scent to be sweet smelling and I LOVE IT!  The day cream is light and feels wonderful slathering all over my face and neck.  The combination of the scent and feel of the cream is a luxurious.  My face and neck feel completely hydrated and I do not feel the need to reapply in a few hours. 

Cell Renewal Night Cream

The night cream has the same hydrating properties but it is a much thicker cream.  It is more dense and feels a bit heaver going on.  I am happy that it is thicker as it will hydrate my face all through the night.  I love waking up in the morning and having my face still feel hydrated.  

I have been using these three products for two weeks and this is my initial review.  It recommends using the cell renewal products for 4 weeks to see results.  So far, my experience is very positive.  My face looks dewy, soft, and hydrated.  Im not sure if this is due to cell renewal, but I am loving the results so far.  I also noticed I may need to only use one pump of the serum as I seem to be using it up rather quickly.  If I continue at this rate....I will run out before I hit the one month mark.  My skin is looking and feeling softer.  I find myself touching my face and noticing how soft it is.  I have also been wearing less makeup.  I usually wear foundation but instead I have been using BB cream.  My skin looks radiant and I do not want to cover it up with heavy foundation. The moisturizers keep my skin plump and applying BB cream is a great combination.  I am excited to see my results at the four week mark.

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I received these products for review but the opinions shared in this post are my honest opinions.
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