Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone Review

Liztek PSS-100 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Speakerphone Review

Retail 36.95

I received this Liztek bluetooth speaker for purposes of inspection and to share my honest review.  I have owned two other bluetooth speakers over the last year and they have both broke within a month.  Both times the connector in the back has gotten pushed in and I can no longer charge the unit.  Since I love music, and I do not have a current working bluetooth speaker, I was excited to review the Liztek.  Here are the specs according to Amazon
  • New Bluetooth v3.0 Technology allows you to Connect wirelessly up to 33 feet away. Seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls anywhere.
  • Premium Sound with Bass Enhance Technology. Two powerful 40mm Drivers deliver crisp clean sound with deep bass.
  • Built-in Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery for up to 10 hours of playtime. Built-in microphone for hands-free speaker phone calling Easy to pair - No code/pin needed
  • 3.5mm Audio Line In - Don't have Bluetooth? The PSS-100 allows you to connect the speaker directly to a standard headphone jack.
For me personally, I really only care about a couple things when it comes to bluetooth speakers.  First, it has to provide excellent sound quality that is clear and has a deep bass.  Second, it has to pair to my devices seamlessly.  Last, I want it to look nice sitting on my bookshelf, kitchen counter, bathroom counter and alike.  When the speaker arrived, it was nicely packaged in a sleek black box that had the speaker protected with an inner wrapping.  

After I took off the plastic wrap, I noticed right away that the speaker was heavy and made with quality materials.  It is not made of cheap looking plastic like the pervious speakers I have owned in the past.  Instead, it has a black matte finish the reminds me of the much more expensive Bose speakers.

It came already fully charged so I decided to see how it would pair with my iPhone 6.  It has several buttons on the top that are similar to any audio player as well as an extra button with a picture of a phone on it.  This button is for the hands free speaker phone and is an extra feature that I have never seen on a portable bluetooth speaker.  I turned it on to pair with my phone (put my phone in discoverable mode) a blue light flashed and a voice announced "connected".  I was AMAZED at how easy it was to pair.  I played several different types of songs and enjoyed the beautiful clarity in each one.  Here is a quick video showing the simple pairing and beautiful sound quality.

*You can use this device with smart phones, tablets, portable gaming devices, MP3/MP4 players, laptops and desktops.  
*It is small enough to travel with and will be perfect this summer when I am outside on my deck or gardening. 
*Built in microphone for hands free calling
*Battery status can be displayed on the phone
*Low battery warning when battery is low
*Can be used as a wired speaker
*Simple pairing within seconds
*Beautiful matte black casing
*Can be charged while working
*Optional Siri function
*Comes with USB charging cable and audio cable

*The user manual states that the battery life is 6 hrs (audio input) 4 hrs (bluetooth) and the box states differently.  The outside of the box states 12 hrs (audio input) 10 hrs (bluetooth).  This is a BIG discrepancy and huge difference.  (see bottom photo) 
*Does not come with a USB connector for the outlet, you need to already own one.
*I wish the connection distance was longer that 33 feet. I spend many hours outside in the summer (gardening) and I feel that 33 feet is not very far.
Battery Life discrepancy 
Final thoughts:
The battery life discrepancy is not enough to sway my positive opinion, but it does need to be corrected.  I only listen to music 2-3 hrs a day so I am OK with either battery outcome.  However, if you listen to music for long durations during the day, this discrepancy may be an issue for you and a deciding factor to purchase.  The manual may be outdated and old, but it still needs to be addressed and the proper battery life should be reflected in the owners manual.  I have enjoyed the ease of use with this speaker, its mobility factor, and beautiful sound quality.  What I love most is the classy appearance it has sitting anywhere in my home.  It is a great addition to our families tech devices, offering us the ability to listen to music anywhere we choose.

You can learn more about the Liztek PSS-100 on Amazon.

I received this item for the purpose of inspection and unbiased review.  I am not obligated to provide a positive or favorable review, just my honest opinion. 


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