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Sunday, November 15, 2015

EREXANOL Male Enhance Review

Male Enhance Review $79.95

From the makers of CLIMAXAGEN, I was offered to review EREXANOL and share my opinion.  Honesty, I am a huge fan of Climaxagen and jumped at the chance to give it a try.  Erexanol is a topical male enhancement product and works on contact.  You will notice increased penis size and erectile quality due to the strengthening of the blood vessels and erection tissue in the penis.  Your overall reproductive health, as well as your sexual performance, will be improved.  All you really need is a dimes worth applied directly to the penis before intercourse.  The active ingredients (L-Arginine) for circulation, (Maca Extract) for the enhancement and longevity, (Greeen Tea Extract) for energy and increase in blood flow and (Methyl-Nicotinate) delivers Erexanol's ingredients to the bloodstream immediately. 

My husband is a huge fan of L-Arginine and testosterone boosters and he has been taking supplements for years.  Using Erexanol 5-7 minutes prior to intercourse will allow it enough time to produce results.  The increased blood flow in the skin makes for a hard erection and enhanced arousal.  From a wives perspective, I am witnessing a new found confidence that I haven't seen in years.  My husband and I have been married eighteen years....with that comes routine.  Introducing products that ignite a spark and add a pleasurable experience for both of us is something I'm always open to.  I have been very happy with the results of this product and it I am thankful for its performance.  You can read more testimonials and purchase Erexanol by visiting or on Amazon.

Product provided for review.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Visible Science Argan Oil Review

Visible Science Argan Oil Review 

Retail $39.95

I am a complete hair junkie, always on the hunt for the next best product for my hair.  I love to browse the shelves in the salons....reading the ingredients and taking the lids off to smell the concoctions.  I have color treated locks that are dry, damaged, and have lost their natural shine.  In fact, I just had my hair colored three days ago and it is SOOO dry it feels like straw.  If you get your hair colored, you know what I'm talking about.  I can barely get the brush through it after I shower....sigh.  

I was offered the opportunity to try a new product called Visible Science Argan Oil.  I thought to myself....another argan oil product that will make my hair greasy and limp.  Right?  Then, I read the description and noticed that its not just another argan contains resveratrol!  What?  I was curious about this ingredient in a hair product.  I mean, I take resveratrol in supplement form and this was the first time I had seen it listed in a hair product....curious.  

Like I mentioned, I already take this as a daily supplement and I am familiar with its benefits.  However, if you are reading this and are unaware of the positive benefits of resveratrol....let me give a brief description.

Resveratrol is a substance that naturally occurs in the skin or red grapes as well as other fruits. It has been know to have many positive health benefits in areas such as heart disease, cancer prevention, weight loss, and anti-aging properties.  It helps to protect against free radicals and other pollutants that can cause cellular damage.  I was very intrigued by this and excited to give it a try. 

It comes in a 2oz pump bottle.   I use one pump and rub my hands together to warm it up, then I apply it to my towel dried hair.  It took all my strength to not mix it with other products so I could give an honest review.  I have a habit of mixing hair products together and trying to make the perfect potion for my hair (shine spray, frizz tanner, root lifter, styling tool protectant).  As I started to blow dry my hair, I noticed brush was very easy to move through my hair.  As it began to dry, I could see and feel a difference in my hair.  My hair was SO SOFT and joke!  I had no dry ends and no patches of "oily hair" which sometimes happens when I use argan oil.  To be honest, I was floored that ONE product gave my hair all the qualities I desire.  I didn't have to use a shine spray, or a deep conditioning mask to get soft, beautiful hair.  Two words.....excellent product.  

I noticed that the bottle also says it can be used for the face as well.  Hum...I don't know about you, but I have a hard time with the concept of putting a hair product on my face.  I know its just organ oil, but for so reason...I can't get myself to put it on my face...LOL!  It has a very light scent that reminds me of walking into a hair smells great.  The bottle is huge and since you only need a tiny pump, it will last a very long time.  If you want to know more about Visible Science Organic Argan Oil, you can check out the website  HERE.  

~Product Provided For Review By Visible Science~ 

Monday, October 26, 2015

Secret Bright Intimate Area Skin Lightening Lotion Review

Secret Bright Intimate Area Skin Lightening Lotion Review 

Retail $39.00

About five years ago our family took a trip to Disneyland.  We spent ten days walking in the park, enjoying the rides and spending several hours in the hot sun.  On the seventh day, I forgot my sunscreen and got the most severer sun burn of my face.  Several days later it began to peel and has since left me with sunspots (hyper pigmentation) on my forehead and cheeks.  Fast forward five years.....I have been searching for a product that will lighten my skin and even out the sun spots.  I have tried chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and exfoliating with every konjac sponge on the market.  I have also tried a handful of "skin whitening" creams with very little success.  

Now, I know this product is called "Secret Bright" intimate skin lightening lotion, but don't be turned off by the word intimate.  Basically, this cream is safe to use on intimate areas (chest, armpits, bikini area) as well as the face.  I have been using it on my face for thirty days and I have experienced great improvement.  My skin is lighter, and much more even all over.  It looks so much better than it did thirty days ago and I am very happy with the results.  My only fear....will the sun spots come back if I stop using it or run out?  I honestly don't know the answer to this question.  I have had such great success that I don't want to go backwards in my progress.  

What's In It?

It contains kojic acid, a-arbutin,and lactic acid.  Kojic acid is an all-natural compound derived from fungi – sort of like mushrooms. That means that kojic acid is completely natural and not something that’s man-made in a laboratory by a group of scientists and dermatologists.  kojic acid works to stop the production of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the substance that gives your skin its pigment, and the more you have, the darker your skin will be. Age spots, sun spots and spots related to melasma and hyperpigmentation generally contain more melanin than the surrounding healthy skin.  

This is a 2oz bottle and you only need the tiniest amount.  I like to use this morning and night after cleansing my face.  It is the first product I apply before any serums or moisturizers.  It dries quickly and wears well under makeup.  It has given my face an overall whiter appearance and my discoloration spots do not stand out as much.  The best way to describe has an almost "bleaching" effect.  It has been very effective for me and I hope to see my progress continue over the next month.  You can read more about Secret Bright by CLICKING HERE.

Product Provided For Review.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Nitro XL Pre-Workout Supplement Review

Nitro XL Pre-Workout Supplement Review

No2 boosters are NOT just for men....women can take them too!  It seems that many believe (I did too) that taking a pre-workout supplement like L-Arginine is a man's supplement.  However, after reading several articles about L-Arginine and its heart and blood flow benefits, I realized that women can take it too.  I decided to read the back of one of my pre-workout powders and low and contained L-Arginine.  So after squashing the stigma, I decided to try NITRO XL and share my experience.  

Let me start with a basic definition of L-arginine.  It is a chemical building block called “an amino acid.” It is obtained from food and is necessary for the body to make proteins. L-arginine is found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. 

L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body.

This amino acid helps build muscle mass, enhance immune function, improve blood pressure, increase memory, and speed wound healing.  Arginine-derived nitric oxide has also been found to play a supporting role in the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems and has been validated by hundreds of studies.  Reading through articles after googling L-arginine, I was convinced it is an amino acid that I needed to add to my pre-workout routine.  Not only is Arginine beneficial for working out, it has several other benefits:

L-Arginine is essential to several systems in the body. Among its many roles, L-Arginine:

  • Is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO)
  • Promotes circulation resulting in improved blood flow
  • Stimulates the release of growth hormone
  • Improves immune function
  • Reduces healing time of injuries
  • Plays a role in the formation of bone and tendons
  • Increases muscle mass, while reducing body fat
  • Supports male fertility, improving sperm production and motility
  • Reduces risk of blood clots and stroke
  • Supports normal blood pressure
  • Improves vascular function for patients with angina
  • Helps recovery after heart attack
  • Helps prevent and treat cardiovascular disease
  • Helps reduce growth of cancerous tumors

Now that I have explained what L-arginine is, and its benefits, lets talk about NITRO XL.  This supplement contains a proprietary blend (750mg) (1 capsules) of L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (A-AKG), L-Ornithine AKG, Arginine Ketooisocaproate, and L-Glutamine.  What is important about its ingredients is the sheer strength of the proprietary blend.  Most blends are not as potent or in order to reach the same potency, you have to take 6 capsules per serving 2 times a day.  That is 12 capsules a day!!  The suggested serving is 2 capsules, 2 times a day. can take 4 of these or 12 from the other brand.  

My Experience:

If you are still with me...and reading this...I want to share with you my journey with NITRO XL.  It has been almost one month and I have never felt better.  My workouts are reps have increased and my cardio workouts are longer.  I can run/cycle a greater distance and not feel exhausted.  Also, my recovery time has lessened. I used to take two days off in-between cardio and weightlifting, now I only take one day off in-between.  I think the best way to describe this supplement, I feel stronger during my workouts and not as tired afterward.  One thing to mention, I take two capsules 30 minutes before I work out.  I DO NOT feel a sudden rush of energy, but an even slow energy that lasts a few hours.  

Lastly, I wanted to take about the price.  This product is expensive and at $59.95 a bottle, it can seem pretty steep.  It comes out to about .50 cents a capsules for 120 capsules or $2.00 a day.  Now, I don't take these everyday, I only take them on my workout days.  This bottle of 120 capsules will last me about 2 months.

You can learn more about Nitro XL and purchase the product, by clicking here.

Product provided for review.

Friday, August 7, 2015


RETAIL $20.00

Most of us are familiar with weight loss shakes and have maybe even tried Slimfast sometime in our past.  SlimQuick Pure is the same concept and claims to help you lose 3X the weight.  It is a product that is directed toward women and is made with BioPure Green Tea, a natural extract that has been shown in a published clinical study to help overweight women in just 13 weeks.

After reading up on the product, I decided to give it a try, I'm always up for loosing weight!  It comes in a container that has 15 servings, with the serving size being one scoop.  It recommends that you take it twice a day, so this container would only last me 1 week!!  It also shows on the front that it contains 20 grams of protein....I was pretty excited about this, however, it is 20 grams of protein per day.  So in all actuality, it only contains 10 grams of protein per serving.  

Starting off, I'm a little disappointed that this product would only last one week.  If I wanted to take it for 13 weeks, it would cost me $79.52 a month and $258.44 for the 13 week program!  Ouch!  However, I was still keeping an open mind and hoping it would fill me up and taste delicious.  

The directions say to add one scoop to 4oz of water.  You could also use a Captcha shaker or add it into a smoothie as well.

On my first sip, I noticed it had a very strong after taste and was extremely sweet tasting.  It was defiantly something I did not want to sip....I had to chug it to bypass the taste. 

Final Thoughts:

SlimQuick is a bit pricey and didn't have the most pleasing taste, but it did fill me up.  I replaced my breakfast and lunch for one week with SlimQuick.  I decided to add it to my smoothies instead of drinking it with water and it was much more tolerable.  I found that I was snacking much less and not hungry during the day.  I did have more energy and I think the BioPure Green Tea was to thank for that.  I will not be repurchasing another container as it is too expensive for my budget.  I ended up spending $$$ on veggies and fruit to go along with the SlimQuick for my smoothies.  If I had to do this for 13 weeks my grocery bill would be outrageous.  

You can read more reviews, purchase the product, and join the SlimQuick community by CLICKING HERE.

Product provided for review.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening

Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening
Reatail $25.00

Having white teeth is a TOP PRIORITY for me.  I just finished my Invisalign treatment after two years of wearing retainers.  My teeth are straight...but they were not the brightest.  You see, I am a HUGE coffee drinker and I drink about 10-15 cups of coffee a day....I know...I know...I shouldn't drink so much coffee....but hey...thats another issue.  

So since my teeth were straight, I really wanted to work on making them white and have that beautiful smile I have always wanted.  It took me several years to finally get them straight, but only a few minutes each week to get them white....much simpler process.  

I have tried other at home kits and they make my teeth hurt...really hurt.  I was attracted to this whitening system because it promises to not cause sensitivity issues.  I thought...yeah right....every gel I have tried made my teeth hurt, even the Crest Whitening strips.  But I gave it a shot and I was very surprised at my results. 

(not my teeth)

Ultimate smile comes with (2) 5ml whitening gel syringes, (1) set of upper and lower thermal form trays, and (1) reusable case.  I started out slow using very little gel and only used it for 15 minutes every three days.  The gel is 44% carbamide which if you research, you will find most gels are 22%, so this is a much stronger gel.  

I continued with this process for one month and absolutely love how my teeth look!!  My surface stains are gone and my teeth look AMAZING!  The best part is.....the gel never caused my teeth to hurt.  This is the only gel that didn't cause me pain and I love the results.  Lastly, you only need a small amount of gel and I have (1) 5ml tube left after a month.  This kit will last several applications.  In my honest opinion, for $25. 00 you will be able to whiten your teeth at home and get several uses out of this kit.  I think it is a very good price and I will repurchase this product.

Product Description:

Our best-seller, the Ultimate Smile Gold Kit, was designed for maximal usage and maximal results. If you've never been able to use an at-home whitening kit before because it was too painful and inconvenient, then the Ultimate Smile Gold Kit will work wonders for you. The special Whitening Gel is our latest innovation-a patent-pending "primer for teeth" that accelerates the release of stain-fighting oxygen ions, while eliminating discomfort. Produced by our leading laboratories in the United States, our uniquely advanced technology surpasses any other At-Home Whitening Kits. Our Whitening Gel formula has a specific balance of ingredients forming together to create a highly potent but sensitivity-proof product with proven results. Our Ultimate Smile silicon trays provide complete comfort and ease while whitening. With its gel- like and easy fit form, these trays were structured with holes on either side to create an easy-breathing and comfortable experience.Also included, the Cheek Retractor, designed as an additional tool forbetter comfort. After usage, rinse trays and return to Ultimate Smile case. You will never find the need to use messy strips again, and the best part is- this Ultimate Smile Gold Kit will last a lifetime; all you need is our Ultimate Smile Gel Refills if you ever run out! Truly Professional At-Home Whitening System, with In-Office Professional Results.

Product provided for review.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Climaxagen Review

Climaxagen Review

Ok, so where to begin.  This review takes a little different turn from my normal beauty and tech reviews....but it is a product that I feel deserves a complete and honest review.  

The product is called Climaxagen.  It is a male supplement that promises to safely and easily help men achieve stronger and more powerful erections as well as considerably increased control.  It is an all natural two-part system that includes a cream and a capsule.  

The Cream:

The topical cream provides a "calming" effect.  The main ingredient is Acetyl dipeptide-1 acetyl ester, which helps increase the sensitivity on the penis and create a longer lasting erection.  It also contains lecithin & Di-PPg 2 Myreth-10 that helps to reduce stimulation without numbing.  Furthermore, it acts as a nice lubricant after the "delay" elements have been absorbed.  The ingredients also help keep the skin smooth as it reacts to friction.  A few more of the ingredients are Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Lecithin, which helps in the release of testosterone secretion.  

The Pills:

The Climaxagen tablets contain several active "male enhancement" ingredients, in fact, several of these ingredients have become very popular in the last year.  My husband has been taking Horny Goat Weed as a single supplement and has found it to be very effective.  These pills not only contain Horny Goat Weed, but also:

  • Amino Acids called Prosexual Nutrient & Rowdy Weed
  • An aphrodisiac called Passifora Incarnate to strengthen sexual desire
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Carnitine
  • St. Johns Wart

Climaxagen tablets work by helping improve the blood circulation in the body.  An erection is achieved when blood flows into the penis' chambers.  Therefor, the ingredients inside the capsule help to widen constricted or tight vessels which give way for blood to flow.  

Using the two-part Climaxagen products together allows a supplement to work from the inside, and the cream provides a topical remedy for the outside.  

My Thoughts

I am writing this review from a "wives" perspective and if I could give these products 10 stars...I would!  They are that amazing and work as promised!  The cream helps to prolong ejaculation, allowing for more control.  The supplements provide staima, strength, and enhanced pleasure.  

My husband was surprised how quickly they worked....within a couple of days he could "feel" the difference.   Like I mentioned above, he has tried Horny Goat Weed in the past and liked the results....but these are ten times more effective with the combination of several testosterone booster ingredients.  The best part is, both of these products contain natural ingredients and do not require a Dr. visit or a prescription.  Yes, they are expensive, but you are getting several ingredients in one capsule that you would normally have to purchase and take separately.  You are also saving money by not visiting the doctor or paying for a prescription. 

If you are still reading this review, wether your a male or female, you may be looking to enhance your sexual experience and looking for a solution to premature ejaculation.  Climaxagen has been a blessing for both myself and my husband.  I am happy to see a "boost" in his sexual drive, and at the same time, give him the "control" to last longer.

Product Provided For Review.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Exuviance® Intensive Eye Treatment Pads

Exuviance® Intensive Eye Treatment Pads
Retail $39.00

Do you have tired eyes?  Does your under eye area need a facelift?  If yes, then keep reading!

Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads firm and hydrate the eye area while stimulating cell renewal and minimizing fine lines.  The pads contain Lactobionic Acid and Pro Vitamins A, C and E.  The Lactobionic Acid is derived from milk sugar and is gentle on the skin.  It helps to hydrate the skin and smooth out fine lines.

Back in the day, when I wanted to give my eyes some attention, I would slice up some cucumbers, stick them in the freezer, and apply ice cold cucumbers slices to my eyes....ahhhh. 

Gone are those days because Exuviance offers these luxurious eye pads that not only feel good on the eyes, but offer vitamins to replenish and hydrate tired, sagging, puffy eyes.

Description from Exuviance:

Why you need it:

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are usually one of the first signs of aging. The thin, delicate skin under the eyes is constantly exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight and free radicals which weaken skin's support matrix, leading to fine lines and deeper "crow's feet" wrinkles. Dryness and dehydration can worsen the appearance of fine lines. Until someone discovers the Fountain of Youth, aging is inevitable, but the good news is that the appearance of under eye wrinkles and fine lines can be diminished with the right products.

The benefits:
These single-use pads contain concentrated ingredients to provide maximum anti-aging benefits in a gentle formulation. Lactobionic Acid (10%) hydrates while it stimulates cell renewal and supports the dermal matrix, firming the skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Pre-packaged in sets of two, our Intensive Eye Treatment pads are the perfect way to refresh, replenish and revitalize your eyes after a long day. Dermatologist and allergy tested. Fragrance-Free, Paba-Free. For all skin types.

How to use:  
• Gently cleanse and dry the area thoroughly.
• Open pouch and remove both pads. (Note: Each pouch contains 2 pads.)
• Gently place one pad under or around each eye. Smooth the pad carefully onto the skin.
• Relax. Leave the pads on the skin for 10 to 30 minutes (as desired).
• Gently remove both pads and discard. Do not reuse pads. Gently massage in excess solution.

The box contains 12 packets, 2 pads each.  I find it best to do the treatment when you can lay down and relax for about twenty minutes. I have been using them at night for the past month and love the results.  My under eye area is less puffy, and my skin feels firmer.  However, the results don't seem to last longer than a couple of days, at least that is what I have experienced. 

I wish the results were more permanent, but that does not seem to be the case.  On the positive side, I think these pads would be great to use before a big event.  They really help when I use concealer under my eyes.  I notice that I don't get any creasing or caking from my concealer because the skin under my eyes is hydrated and firmer.  Maybe with continued use, the results would be more $39.00 a box it can get very expensive very quickly.  

My suggestion would be to use these for special events and use a really good eye gel that combats fine lines and wrinkles on a daily basis.  I have used some very good eye gels/creams in the past that are much less expensive and have given longer lasting results.  These pads do give immediate results and you can tell a difference within twenty minutes...but the results are not long lasting.  In closing, these pads are great for a "quick eye lift" and handy when you need immediate results.  I think that having a box on hand is ideal, but be sure to use a daily eye cream for long term benefits.

If you would like to read more reviews or purchase Exuviance Intensive Eye Treatment Pads, please click the link below.

Product provided for review.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lipogaine Review

Lipogaine for Men: Intensive Treatment & Complete Solution for Hair Loss 
Retail $25.50

Clinically proven ingredients are perfectly harnessed in this formula to offer a complete solution for maximum results yet with unparalleled simplicity. Unlike any other product that typically deals with only one variable of the complex issue of hair loss/thinning, Lipogaine for Men offers a comprehensive and holistic approach by employing a proprietary liposome delivery system to include a number of clinically proven ingredients in one solution. It is the first hair growth formula that combines the only FDA approved hair regrowth stimulator (minoxidil) with Biotin, a much sought after supplement for healthy and beautiful hair and skin. With advanced liposome delivery system, Lipogaine has made it possible to formulate minoxidil together with biotin, proprietary natural DHT blockers and many other vitamins, and to deliver them precisely to the target area for maximum efficacy.

My Thoughts

This product not only has minoxidil but also biotin and DHT blockers.  Most hair growth solutions have just minoxidil and then you would have to purchase biotin or DHT blockers separately.  This is a combo product that will save you time and money.  My husband switched to Lipogaine after using RegenPure last month and is seeing better success.  I am a huge believer in biotin and DHT blockers myself and I am happy to see this all in one product.  If you are interested in Lipogaine you can read more reviews or purchase it by clicking the link below.

Product provided for review.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor By Coosh

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors 
By Coosh
Retail $19.99

If you have high blood pressure, taking your readings is something that is not very exciting, but essential.  I don't have high blood pressure myself, but my husband does and he needs to be aware of his levels.

Coosh has just introduced two new upper arm blood pressure monitors that offer large LCD screens, heart rate, and up to 90 memory readings.  I have always been in favor of the upper arm monitors compared to the wrist monitors.  In my experience, they are much more accurate.

They have come out with two different models.  They are very similar and only differ by the memory readings and one offers a carrying case.  Here is a breakdown:

Coosh Model CBPM001 $19.00

This automatic BP monitor is very small, compact, portable and very easy to use. It automatically inflates to the appropriate level. 

The Coosh Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor has a clear large LCD screen that displays hypertension levels with big lettering. The cuff is comfortable and it fits a lot of arm circumferences.  I was able to use it on my 9yr daughter and had no issues. 

The date and time is displayed on the screen with color coded hypertension levels.

It can store up to 90 blood pressure readings.

 It comes with a carrying bag and a user manual.

Coosh Model CBPM002 $19.00

This automatic BP monitor is very small, compact, portable and very easy to use. It automatically inflates to the appropriate level. 

The the Coosh Intelligent Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor has a clear large LCD screen that displays hypertension levels with big lettering. The cuff is comfortable and it fits a lot of arm circumferences.

It stores up to 30 blood pressure readings. 

The Coosh Intelligent Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor comes with 100% Money Back Guarantee.  It DOES NOT COME with a carrying case. 


With these monitors being the same price, I feel that model CBPMoo1 is the better option.  You get 60 more memory readings and a carryings case.  They are both very accurate, small, and compact.  $19.99 is a fantastic price for an upper arm blood pressure monitor.  Both of these models have a 5 star Amazon rating and can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the links below.

Product provided for review.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

InstaLash By Sieva

InstaLash EyeLash Growth Enhancing Serum By Sieva 
Retail $25.00

Have you ever wanted long, thick lashes?  It can be achieved by spending $$$ every month for eyelash extensions, or using a fiber lash mascara and risk getting it in your eyes, or you can use an eyelash growth stimulating serum like this one by Sieva.

I have tried all of the above methods and I can tell you from experience that the most effective long term results is achieved by using a serum.

I have also tried three brands of eyelash serums that range from $13.00 to $99.00 and I have seen the best results with Sieva ($25.00).  

What is Sieva InstaLash?

InstaLash is a unique eyelash growth serum that will help you achieve Longer, Darker, Thicker and beautiful eyelashes and brows.

A Targeted treatment like no other.
-Amino acid-rich peptides stimulate keratin production of eyelashes and brows at the follicle level
-It nourishes, conditions, and strengthens lashes with each application to help prevent breakage
-Coats lashes to help stimulate growth, boost volume and enhance strand softness.
-No need for false eyelashes, fake eyebrows and eyelash extensions.

Thoroughly formulated with high quality ingredients that yield results
-Panthenol makes the eyelashes stronger and prevents damage
-Hyaluronic acid is known to promote blood flow to give way for healthy hair growth
-Vitamin E adds extra length and thickness to lashes for added visible performance
-Produced in small batches to guarantee freshness and potency
-Made In USA, No parabens, Cruelty Free

Dont Take Our Word For It - Research results:
-17% increase of eyelash length shown in 30 days.
-19% increase of eyelash diameter shown in 30 days.
-3 times more eye lash volume shown in 15 days. 

My Experience

I have been using InstaLash twice daily, (morning & night) for three weeks.  I apply it to my lash line (like liquid mascara) in a thin layer.  I like to apply it at the very end of my skin care routine after I have applied moisturizers and serums to my face.  The tube is small but you only need a tiny amount on the lash line.  The description says you can also use it on your eye brows to fill in bald spots...I didn't use it this way as my eye brows are pretty full.

I wish I would have taken before and after pictures to show the dramatic difference.  My lashes are thicker and actually have little baby hairs coming in!  Im not really sure if they are any longer....but they are definitely thicker on both ends.  This product does not irritate my eyes as some eyelash serums can do.  It is a product that is made with natural ingredients so you can feel good about using it.  

Overall, this is working for me and I will have to buy another tube to continue with the results.  I think it is pretty reasonably priced (less than a $1.00 a day) compared to other lash serums on the market.  Lastly, I didn't see results right away and only started to see new growth at week 2 1/2.  This will not give you instant results....but be patient and results will come. 

You can purchase InstaLash Serum by Sieva on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Product provided for review.