Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hyperbiotics Pro Dental

Hyperbiotics Pro Dental

Retail:  $24.00

I'm sure your familiar with probiotics for your digestive tract, but did you know that many of the oral health issues we suffer (cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and even ear, nose, throat and sinus infections) are because the probiotics in our oral cavities have been depleted.

Personally, I suffer from sore throats due to enlarged tonsils.  I had an experimental tonsil surgery ten years ago and had my tonsils lasered in hopes to shrink there large size and thus reduce the number of infections.  I was always getting strep throat, sinus infections, and tonsillitis.  The surgery was unsuccessful and I still suffer from these infections today.  I have always been one to take probiotics and taking Pro Dental to address these issues was an option I was excited to try.  

Pro Dental is will:

-Repopulate your oral microbiome
-Alleviate oral health issues
-Guard against ear, nose & throat infections
-Target bad breath at its source
-revolutionize your dental check-ups

I did a little digging on the 2 strains that Pro Dental contains, BLIS M18 and K12.  They are two groundbreaking strains that will help repopulate your oral cavities.  The studies are extensive and very impressive.  The studies are backed by a substantial amount or research (over 50 scientific papers on these strains have been published).

I have been taking these chewable tablets for 3 weeks now.  They are mint flavored and contain no sugar, gluten free, and no GMO's. As with anything, results take time but I am happy to report that since I have been taking these I have been infection free.  I also take these in conjunction with Hyperbiotics PRO 15 probiotic.  I can't say that these will keep you cavity free or you will never get a sinus infection.....but you will be repopulating the probiotics in your oral health.  

If you would like to learn more about PRO Dental, you can find reviews and more detailed information.  

Learn more about Hyperbiotics HERE

I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review.
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