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InstaNatural Eye Care Review

InstaNatural Review
Eye Gel & Eye Serum

When I think of natural skincare, the first company that comes to mind is InstaNatural.  They offer several products, from hair masks to cellulite cream and everything in-between.  I have tried several Instanatural products over the last few months and I am going to highlight two in this review that I feel are winners.  The first product I want to talk about is the Instanatural Youth Express Eye Gel.  

Instanatural Youth Express Eye Gel

This gel comes in a pump and you only need one pump to cover both eye lids and under eye area.  It has a gel like consistency that feels cool upon application and dries rather quickly.  It has a nice reminds me of cucumbers.  I have been using it for three weeks and the first week I did not notice much improvement.  On week two I started to notice my under eye puffiness start to fade.  I do not have dark circles so I can't speak to those results, but I did notice a tightening effect taking place.  I still have fine lines and crows feet but my eye area seems to have an over all brighter look, I look less tired, and reduction in puffiness.   

Product description from Amazon:

  • Youth Express Eye Gel contains a potent combination of ingredients for maximum results.
  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates the skin and plumps it up with moisture, while Matrixyl 3000 firms the skin and Plant Stem Cells enhance its strength to protect against sun damage and other external aggressors.
  • Apply to your cheeks and forehead as well to moisturize your skin and prevent premature aging. Improve your tone and texture to attain a smooth and brilliant complexion. Made in the USA in our FDA Registered Facility to ensure top quality for our customers.
  • Manufacturer Warranty - InstaNatural backs their products with a Lifetime Money Back Warranty, no matter where you buy our product.
  • Diminishes Dark Circles & Puffiness - This gel provides all around care and protection to the eye area. This powerful formula will help reverse the signs of aging and revert your skin back to its natural youthfulness. It will help you tackle dark circles, eye bags, crow's feet, fine lines, sagginess and puffiness so you can obtain a healthy and radiant appearance Safe and Natural Ingredients - We are proud to use natural ingredients in our product with NO parabens, sulfates or alcohol. It is also full of organic ingredients and safe to use on ALL skin types.

The eye serum is a little different than the eye gel.  It has a liquid consistency and smells like oranges.  I have noticed that the eye gel is more for tightening and eye puffiness and the serum is more for hydrating and discoloration.  I don't have very dark circles, but I do have an issue with dry skin around my eyes and hyperpigmentation.  I like to use the eye serum in the morning and the eye gel at night.  The serum sinks into my skin quickly and I can apply my makeup over the top.  

I have enjoyed both eye products by Instanatural.  They address different concerns so depending on what you are trying to improve (dark circles, puffiness, dry skin, fine lines) would determine which product is best for you.

Product description from Amazon:

  • Powerhouse Formula - With a combination of Vitamin C, Plant Stem Cells, Astaxanthin, Kojic Acid, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid and more, InstaNatural's Eye Serum is uniquely formulated with innovative key ingredients to help reduce bags, wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin and more.
  • Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines - Other ingredients in the blend - such as Vitamin C, Plant Stem Cells, and Astaxanthin - serve to strengthen skin and reverse existing damage, while Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture to help plump up skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Diminishes Dark Circles & Puffiness - Caffeine provides a stimulating constricting effect that helps to reduce puffy, tired-looking eyes. Meanwhile, Niacinamide and Kojic Acid work to prevent pigmentation from forming to lighten and fade away those stubborn dark circles.
  • Lightweight Yet Effective - InstaNatural's Youth Express Eye Serum is lightweight so it absorbs easily into the skin to quickly deliver antioxidant benefits, and it can be used under makeup as well. Each bottle contains no harmful parabens, sulfates or alcohol.
  • Manufacturer Guarantee - InstaNatural is proud to back their products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy, no matter where you buy the products. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, please contact InstaNatural for a refund - no questions asked.

My final thoughts on these products have been very positive as a whole.  I really like the routine of using both products and feel that they compliment each other in fulfilling my needs.  I am going to continue this skin care routine and feel they are a vital aspect to my glowing skin!  Instanatural offers a 100% lifetime satisfaction money back guarantee.  Let me say that again...Instanatural offers a 100% lifetime satisfaction money back guarantee!  It is not too often you see a promise like this....... that's pretty cool.  Their products do not contain parabens or sulfates and they disclose every ingredient on the bottle.  Instanatural is a great company offering unique products they stand behind.  You can purchase InstaNatural products on Amazon or learn more about them HERE.

I received these products in exchange for my honest review.
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