Saturday, February 28, 2015

Show Your DisneySide!

Show Your DisneySide!

Our family LOVES Disney and everything Disney related.  I was chosen to host a Disneyside Home Celebration and I wanted to share some pictures with all of you!  Disney Side Celebrations sent a HUGE box full of goodies to share with our guests.  

Inside The Box

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Our party was on the sane day as the Super Bowl!  We live in Seattle and our Seattle Seahawks were playing in the Super Bowl.  We had a great time, here are some pictures of our party!

Thanks so much to Disney Parks and MomSelect for this incredible opportunity.
We had a great party!
I received the celebration kit from Disney Parks and MomSelect.  No further compensation was provided.
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  1. Wow what a fun party!! :) Love all the pictures, looks like the kids loved it!