Sunday, February 15, 2015

Xtava PRO 2200W Classic Hairdryer (Charcoal Gray) Review

Xtava PRO 2200W Classic Hairdryer (Charcoal Gray) Review 

Retail: $35.00

This is the second hairdryer I have had the opportunity to review from Xtava and it is my favorite!  Why?  It is very powerful with 2200w and extremely light.  It looks and performs like a professional salon hairdryer and even comes with the fancy nozzle for direct heat.  

I had a notion that all hairdryers were created equal....I was so wrong!  They vary greatly by wattage, speed functions, and options.  This dryer offers the highest wattage available (2200w) and you can sure feel the power when turned on.  What is unique about this dryer is although it is extremely powerful, it is also extremely quiet.  My last dryer that I used for 10 years was so loud you could hear it all the way outside!  No kidding!  This dryer is so quite you can't hear it outside the bathroom. 

Lets get into the specifics that make this dryer a must have.

-Ultra lightweight
-Powerful 2200 watts
-Tourmaline ionic technology
-Sleek and stylish design
-Super quiet
-2 Speeds-3 Heat settings
-Concentration Nozzle
-Cool shot option
-Has a hook for hanging 

2 speeds 3 Heat Settings

Beautiful Sleek Design

Hook for hanging

So I mentioned it has ionic technology....what is ionic technology you ask?  Positive and negative ions exist in all substances.  When wet hair is "positively charged' ionic hair dryers "restructure" ion clusters.  They bath the hair with negative ions, allowing water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair.  As a result, hair is rehydrated and reconditioned.  In simple terms....hairs looks shiny. 

It has 2 heat 3 speed settings and a cool shot function which I use all the time.  When I do my hair I use a round brush.  I use the cool shot function to set the curls.  Having this cool shot function in my opinion is a must have!!

If you are interested in reading more reviews or want to purchase this Xtava PRO 2200W Classic Hairdryer you can click the link below.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest review.

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