Friday, March 27, 2015

IPad Car Mount Review Evergreen Tech

IPad Car Mount Review
Retail: $20.00

Today I am sharing my thoughts on this iPad Car Mount holder by Evergreen Tech.  We take several long trips during the summer and I thought this would come in handy.  It attaches to the back of your headrest with an adjustable velcro strap.  Super simple...right?  Well...not really.  Let me explain why this "universal" mount did not work for our car.  

 We drive a Hummer H2 with standard headrests.  Our headrests have a DVD player installed in them...but that does not effect the size of the headrest.  You see, the problem is, the velcro strap does not fit all the way around the headrest.

However, the strap does fit around the headrest bar, directly below the headrest.  So, it's not completely useless, it just hangs a little lower than I would like.  

iPad Headrest Mout Details:

High Quality PU Leather
Sleek design and easy to install iPad
Hands free entertainment
Full access to all ports

Final Thoughts

I have to admit, I was disappointed that the velcro strap was too short.  I don't understand why the company did not make the strap a little longer....I could have cut off the extra material.  I still think it is useful for long car trips when you don't feel like holding the iPad  in your could get a neck ache from looking down for so long.  I hope this company will make a modification and make the velcro strap longer.  This could be a really useful iPad mount.

If you are interested in reading more reviews or purchasing this product, you can find it on Amazon.  

Product received for review purposes.

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