Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lloyd & Lucy Hip And Joint Supplement for Dogs Review + Giveaway!!

Lloyd & Lucy Hip And Joint Supplement for Dogs Review + Giveaway!!

Many of you know our dog Sabre.  This past year he retired from the Black Diamond Police Department after 10 years of service.  He was a Narcotics K9 and my husband’s partner in crime.  Since retirement, he is not as active as he used to be and is enjoying lazy days of barking at the UPS driver, taking cat naps with our newly adopted feline (Russell) and getting to play with a tennis ball when ever he wants.

We have always provided him with the best dog food, however, as animals age they need more than quality ingredients....they need supplements....just like adults.  Lloyd and Lucy offered me a chance to try their Hip & Joint supplement for dogs!  These chewable tablets are packed with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM,  Vitamin C, and Manganese.  Glucosamine and chondroitin are two molecules that make up the type of cartilage found within joints. Inside your joints, cartilage undergoes a constant process of breakdown and repair. However, to be properly repaired, the building blocks of cartilage must be present and available. The theory behind using the glucosamine and chondroitin joint supplements is that more of the cartilage building blocks will be available for cartilage repair.

Why Lloyd & Lucy?

Lloyd and Lucy's Pet Supplies was a dream of two pet owners, Nikki and Kristy. Nikki, the owner of a tremendously adorable Yorkie (Lucy), and Kristy, the owner of an equally adorable cat (Lloyd), collaborated to create a pet supply company that was founded on quality, value, and trust. 

With their canine and feline powers combined, Nikki and Kristy began seeking suppliers that could support their dream. Months later, Lloyd and Lucy's became a reality.

Today, Lloyd and Lucy's still operate on those three core values.

QUALITY: We strive to offer quality ingredients in each of our products. Because we're pet owners, we know that quality matters.

VALUE: We also know that pet owners need the best quality at the best price, so we keep our pricing competitive with other major brands.

TRUST: We see Lloyd and Lucy's as a family of pets and their owners. By building a community based on trust, Lloyd and Lucy's stands poised to continue their reputation for trusted pet products.

They are a small business that cares about the products they sell and the people they sell them to.  They have offered one of my readers a chance to win one HUGE bottle of Lloyd & Lucy's Hip and Joint supplement!!! 


Visit Lloyd & Lucy
Product provided for review purposes.


  1. We could start our 9 month old puppy out right!

  2. I don't have a dog. But my in-law have one her name is buffy. Thanks for the giveaway.

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