Thursday, April 16, 2015

Francois et Mimi Vintage Double Wall French Press Review

Francois et Mimi Vintage Double Wall French Press 

Retail 39.99

Well, let me explain how much I love coffee...I mean...I love everything about coffee from the beans, to the roasting, to the aromatic flavors.  In fact, my sister is the owner of Vashon Island coffee and I have enjoyed a lesson or two on what makes a great cup of coffee.  

The way coffee is prepared can have a great impact on its taste and using a French press is the ideal way to really produce a great cup of coffee.  Don't get me wrong...I love my Keurig machines....but when I want to sip a bold, flavorful, robust cup of coffee, I turn to my French press.  

This French press by Francois et Mimi offers a beautiful "antique" design that is stunning to look at and serve with.  The ornate handle and decorative finial add to its eye-catching look. 

This Francois et Mimi:
-Holds 1000ml or 34oz
-Dishwasher safe
-Double Wall feature keeps liquids hot longer
-Dribble proof spout
-Made of Stainless Steal

I have used it several times and really like how it keeps the coffee warm for several hours.  I have even sent it through the dishwasher and it came out looking shiny and new.  My only complaint is the bottom of the plunger is not removable.  You see, coffee grounds get stuck in the mesh filter and can be very difficult to get clean.  I have been able to use a wire to clean it out...but that is a bit time consuming.  If the mesh filter was it would be so much easier.

Overall, it is a beautiful, ornate, French press that produces a fantastic cup of coffee.  I will be taking this along in my RV this summer.  It will be very useful to make coffee and set it out on the table at breakfast for everyone to enjoy.  

One last thing to mention is when the box arrived it was pretty banged up.  The plunger was bent and the French press had some pretty bad scratches.  I was offered a replacement and when that one arrived the box was also banged up.  However, the second French press was not effected by the rough shipping.  I would suggest that the company package these in bubble wrap and secure the box so its not rolling around so much.

Product provided for review.

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  1. Wow I love the look of this one! :) It looks very pretty and great to even have out on display! Thanks for the great review!