Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Healing Touch Scar Cream

Healing Touch Scar Cream

This is such a wonderful scar cream.  It is made by the company Passionate Care and is currently selling on Amazon for 39.00.
Healing Touch is:

~Made in the USA~
~Ideal even for sensitive skin~
~Does not cause skin to burn, itch, or intolerable stinging~
~Has a pleasant smell~

Healing Touch Will:

Flatten, Fade, and lighten scars.  In a short time you will see the scar lighten and become less noticeable.  It helps fade new scars quicker and even older scars lighten with use over a longer period of time.  Some new scars are even known to vanish with repeated product application.

I have a very old scar on my ankle (16 years old).  I have been applying the cream two times a day for the last month.  I was using a different brand of scar cream (Instanatural) last month.  Instanatural did lighten my scar a little....but over the last month Healing Touch has lightened it even more!  I am so surprised to see that it got even lighter.  I like the light scent of this reminds me of an expensive face cream.  It is not greasy at all; instead, it is very moisturizing.  The trick is to rub it in until it is all absorbed.  I like to use a derma roller to help the cream get absorbed deep into my skin.  

Lastly, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Even if the jar is empty, and you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund.  That is pretty amazing!  My only complaint is I wish this cream came in a pump.  This is just my personal preference, I like bottles with pumps over messy jars.

You can read more reviews and purchase Healing Touch on Amazon.

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  1. I have this product too! It is definitely a very unique texture to it, it almost reminds me of silicone products and that feel, I love it!