Sunday, May 24, 2015

GO BARE Salon Tech Cellulite Reduction Cream

Salon Tech Cellulite Reduction Cream
Retail $26.97

Yep, I'm going there....CELLULITE!  This is never a fun and exciting topic to blog about, but hey, we all have it.

Now I know that no cellulite cream is going to take away my cellulite completely…if it did…everyone would purchase the magic in a bottle.  It’s just not possible.  However, what is possible is cellulite reduction from a cream like this, along with a proper diet and exercise.

Several cellulite creams on the market have a very strong “Bengay” scent and are not pleasant to use.  I have tried several cellulite creams, including the “Bengay” type and I can’t use them because they stink so badly.

Let’s talk about GO BARE…

This cream comes in a pump bottle.  I love pump bottles compared to ones that come in a jar.  This makes it so much easier to push a few pumps and apply.  It has a LIGHT scent (minty/citrus) that smells like any other daily moisturizer.  The bottle size is HUGE and will last several weeks.  So…. it doesn’t stink and it will last awhile.  Two thumbs so far!

It also contains several active ingredients and the two I am most excited about are Vitamin A (Retinoid) and Caffeine.  The cellulite creams that I have had the most success with are the ones that contain these two ingredients. 

My Results

It has been almost 3 weeks since I started using Go Bare.  I have been religious about applying it to the back of my thighs, tummy, and under arms.  It is not a greasy formula and does not leave my skin feeling sticky or tacky.  It actually doesn’t feel like a cellulite cream at all….it reminds me of basic body lotion.  Anyways, I have seen slight improvement in my “dimples” and my skin looks a little less bumpy.  I can’t say that my cellulite is gone or this is some kind of magic in a bottle, because it’s not.  I can say that it has made my skin look a little smoother, but my cellulite is still present. 

I think this is an “OK” cream, but by no means a must have for me.  I have tried other creams like I mentioned and a few I like better than this one (Body Merry, Setavan).  I will continue to use up the bottle but this is not a cream I would repurchase.

If you would like to read more reviews or purchase GO BARE, you can click the link below.


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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Constant Focus Supplement

Constant Focus Supplement Review
Retail 39.95

Ok, I'll admit, my memory and attention span is not what it used to be.  My husband will back me up on this!  I have sticky notes, lists, and even the alarm on my phone set to help me remember things.  So when Constant Focus asked me if I was interested in trying out their supplement...I didn't hesitate.

Constant Focus is a supplement to assist with concentration, memory, focus and mental clarity.  The bottle recommends taking 2 tablets in the morning with food (for maximum absorption) and you can take 2 more tablets in the late afternoon if needed.

What are the ingredients?

Constant Focus contains the following: Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), thiamine, riboflavin, niacinamide, Vitamin B6, folate, Vitamin B12, zinc, manganese, gotu kola, grape seed extract, ginkgo biloba extract, L-Glutamine, bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine, choline bitartrate, DMAE, Siberian ginseng extract, N-acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, turmeric root extract, vinpocetine, bioperine, huperzine A.

Constant focus is not a multivitamin.  Some competing products do have lots more ingredients. Why? For several reasons: first, it's both easier and less expensive for them to sell you a multivitamin and tell you it's a mental enhancer.  Constant Focus believes that if you want a multivitamin, take a multivitamin. If you want to enhance your attention span and concentration, take Constant Focus.

Constant Focus is formulated specifically to provide your body with the right amounts of the nutrients it needs. More ingredients mean less of each individual ingredient -- which in many cases is not a benefit.  

My Experience taking Constant Focus

I started out taking two tablets in the morning with breakfast and two more tablets around 3pm.  To be honest, I didn’t feel much different the first week and half.  However, on week two I could tell things were starting to happen….in a good way.

Here are some of the things I noticed:
I could sit down and write my blog posts in one sitting instead of starting…stopping…starting…stopping.

I went to the grocery store with a complete list in hand and didn’t forget anything.

I was on time to pick up my kids from school.  I used to ALWAYS be 5-7 minutes late because I was trying to finish up something else.

I was reminding my husband to do things instead of him reminding me!

Each day I got more efficient and I felt like I was ahead of schedule.  I could start a task (make dinner, do laundry, clean the bathroom) and finish it.

One last example is one I am most proud of.  We just bought an RV and are taking it to Cannon Beach this coming up weekend.  It was overwhelming how many little things I needed to do to get us ready for this trip.  I knew all month I had to get things done…get things packed…get things ordered.  Furnishing an RV is like furnishing a second home…you have to have all the basic things (pots, pans, broom, dishes). 

I am happy to report that this past week I got everything done for this trip.  I have worked extremely hard this week to prepare a meal plan as well as purchased and placed everything in RV.  We are ready to go one week early!  This is not my typical style as I always wait till the last minute to get things done.

Constant Focus has been an amazing supplement to take.  I am now on week four.  I see and feel the difference of this supplement.  It has helped me reach my full potential.  It did take almost two weeks before it started to work, but it does work.  Just give it time to get into your system and adjust the dose accordingly. 

A few last things before I end this review.  This supplement does not contain caffeine and will not make you jittery.  It does not give you that instant burst of energy….and then you crash.  It takes time to get into your system and slowly over a week to two weeks you will start to notice its working.  It’s a slow, even, uplifting effect that allows you to zoom in on a task.  I really like how it is working for me and even though it is expensive, I will repurchase it.  I know my family likes seeing mom on top of things….it’s a good feeling!

You can read more about Constant Focus on as well as Amazon.  If you would like to read more reviews or purchase Constant Focus, just click the link below.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Radha Beauty Skin Clearing Serum

Radha Beauty Skin Clearing Serum Review Retail $21.89

All right guys, you know I review a lot of serums/face creams so I pretty much know when I found a winner....and this is a HUGE winner in my book.  It is the Radha Beauty Skin Clearing Serum.  What is a skin clearing serum?  Well, it contains active ingredients to stay blemish free and keep adult acne at bay.  It also contains several anti aging ingredients to attack fine lines, crows feet, hyper-pigmentation, hydration, and basically lack luster skin.  This is a combo serum that will save you time and money.  It is also by Radha Beauty, who is one of my favorite skin care lines.  They really did a great job with this product from packaging to ingredients to price tag. 

Here is the description from Amazon:
  • POWERFUL FORMULA - Our serum contains a powerful combination of active ingredients such as Vitamin C, Retinol, botanical hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and Niacinamide great for acne and blemished skin
  • GENTLE ON THE SKIN - Our Age-Defying Skin Clearing Serum is full of natural and organic ingredients that make it safe for all skin types - even oily skin. Glides on smoothly and absorbs fast and won't irritate or burn your skin!
  • NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS - This serum is cruelty free and manufactured in our State of the Art FDA Approved facility in the US
  • ALL NATURAL - Our serum does not contain fillers or harmful fragrances, dyes or parabens
The Radha Beauty Professional Age-Defying Skin Clearing Serum will help reverse the signs of aging while improving blemished skin and hyper pigmentation. In this powerful serum sulfur penetrates and creates elasticity while Niacinamide takes the red out and prevents inflammation that underlies all troubled skin issues. 20% Vitamin C repairs micro scarring, reverses sun damage, provides significant natural sun protection and rapidly creates smooth supple glowing skin. Stealthy superior retinol and salicylic acid unclog pores, heal acne, speed cellular turn over, and undo the signs of aging skin.

Did you read all the active ingredients!!  It contains Vitamin C, Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, and Niacinamide. I can't stress enough how much I love this serum....can you tell!!  

I have been testing this serum for almost four weeks and my skin is blemish free, radiant, soft, hydrated, and glowing.  My hyper pigmentation is still present, however, it is pretty bad and will probably never go completely away without some kind of dermatologist treatment.

Now, I will tell you at first I was a little put off by the smell.  Since it is an all natural product, it does not contain any fragrances.  However, when I first used it I noticed it smelled really was a scent I had smelled before, but I couldn't put my finger on it.  I looked at the bottle and noticed it contains Tea Tree oil.  I didn't really care for the smell but honestly it has grown on me and now I actually enjoy the smell....complete 180!

I wanted to talk about the beautiful packaging.  It comes in a silver pump bottle that is stunning on my bathroom counter (you all know I'm a sucker for packaging).  I am so thankful it has a pump as so many other products with these ingredients come in a bottle with a dropper.  They can be very messy and getting the last 1/3 out can be a real challenge.

I love that I don't have to purchase each of these ingredients as a separate product, that can be very expensive.  Also, applying this one serum is a one step skin care process and I am getting all the same benefits.  The consistency is very light and runny (see photo).  I use one pump to cover my face and neck, let it dry, and apply my moisturizer.  This product is a winner and I have already repurchased my next bottle.  

You can read more reviews and purchase this product on Amazon.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale (Clear) Review

Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale (Clear) Review $29.99

I'll admit, this is a great basic scale that has a few nice features.  I have reviewed a couple higher end bathroom scales, but they also come with a higher end price tag.  This bathroom scale is sleek, modern, and has a couple bells and whistles at a reasonable price.  

What I really love about this scale is the company who makes/sells them.  They are called Greater Goods and they donate a portion of the sales to three organizations.  They support Love146, a charity that works to end child trafficking and exploitation; The Global Orphan Project, which works with local churches to provide care for orphaned and abandoned children in their communities; and Now Adopt, which assists families in covering the cost of domestic and international adoptions.  

Lets talk about this scale a little more.  It does the the basic things a scale does....takes your weight, but, it also has 8 user profiles available so if your whole family wants to track their progress, the scale will automatically recognize who is stepping on the scale and store that information.  

It also has a weightless weight option.  This is a fancy way to say that it will display your weight loss/weight gain from the last time you stepped on the scale instead of your actual weight (example -13.3).  

The last feature is called smartphone tracking.  Now this is not a bluetooth scale and it does not have bluetooth capabilities which is why it is a bit cheaper.  However, it does have the ability to track your trends and measurements through the syncing of the Weight Gurus app using your camera. 

Actual Specs from Amazon

Auto Step-on (turns on automatically when weighing). Auto Off. Auto calibration. Auto user detect (important for multi-user homes - e.g. husband/wife). Supports up to 8 users. Non-slip, scratch resistant feet. 4 ultra-precision weighing sensors. 400lb capacity. BIA Analysis for Body Fat, Lean Mass, Water Weight and Bone Mass. +/- .1 lb resolution. Durable tempered glass construction. Large weighing platform (150 sq inches). Extra Large, Backlit LCD (4.3"). Kg / Lbs. 4 AAA batteries included.

Final Thoughts

This is a great scale for someone who is looking to update to a newer more modern design.  If you want to be able to weight yourself, get an accurate reading, and let other family members do the same....this is a great option.  However, if you want the ability to "analyze" your progress with a bluetooth connection and get your BMI number, this scale will not be an option for you.  

This scale does come in black tempered glass as well for the same price.  Personally, I have a black scale and you can see toe prints, dirt, and always looks dirty.  

I also have the pricier model with a bluetooth connection and never use it.  I do use the BMI tool and really wish it was offered with this scale.  Now, if they would only make an in-between model with the BMI and without bluetooth I would be a happy camper.

You can learn more about the Great Goods Weight Gurus Digital Bathroom Scale on Amazon.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Liztek HDDS1BS USB 3.0 Super Speed to SATA Single Bay

Liztek HDDS1BS USB 3.0 Super Speed to SATA Single Bay Review
Retail $22.95

Product Description

Liztek HDDS1BS USB 3.0 Super Speed to SATA Single Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station is plug in ready for direct insertion of 2.5 and 3.5 inch SATA Hard Drives. Ideal solution to view videos, photos, music and files. Plug & Play, Hot Swap with no tools and no additional driver needed.

USB 3.0 Controller Chip allows Super Speed connectivity up to 5Gbps and backward compatible. Now you can take advantage of the ease and lightening speed to transfer your files. Independent power supply and built-in circuit design for power protection.

Anyone who is a techie needs a dock to read drives.  This Liztek Single bay external hard drive docking  station is quality made.  Once you open the box, you will see the drive wrapped in plastic, instructions, and your USB cord/power cord.  

I used my Western Digital 2.5 hard drive(s) to upload older data/photos/music and the speed rate was pretty fast.  It has a horizontal connection and slides right it.  You power it on and watch the magic happen.  This dock will read drives from 2.5 to 3.5 inch.  I connected it to my Macbook Air and had no issues....connected....uploaded...simple!  I own a couple Liztek products, they are a stand up company.  They offer an 18 month really can't go wrong. 


Side loading design that supports Standard Desktop 2.5 and 3.5 inch SATA Hard Drives.

Easy connect to computer with Super Speed USB 3.0 with transfer rate up to 5 Gbps pending devices.

Portable and easy to use Plug & Play, Hot Swap no tools and no drivers needed.

Compatible with: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & Mac OS X with USB Port.

You Get: Liztek USB 3.0 Single Bay HDD Docking Station, USB 3.0 data cable, power adapter cable, user's manual, plus our no-hassle 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Smart Weight-Digital Food Scale- Review

Smart Weight-Digital Food Scale- Review $19.99

A couple of weeks ago my kitchen scale shattered into a million pieces.  It slipped out of my hands....and the glass top shattered.  The funny thing was, I had just ordered this scale to review but it  had not arrived yet.  I was so happy when it finally arrived as I use a kitchen scale every day.  I thought the last scale I had was pretty cool.....but then this scale arrived and it is ten times better!!

Lets talk about the specific specs and get them out of the way, then I will tell you why I like it better.

Capacity-5g/ 11lb

I really like two things about this scale, the first being the weight capacity is 11lb!!!!!  YES!  My last scale had a weight capacity of 7lb and it was really limiting.  I could not weight heavier items to ship and it held me back from shipping at home.  Anything over  7lbs I would have to take to the post office to have weighted.  

Also, this scale takes regular batteries instead of those small round ones that I never have on hand.  I always have regular batteries laying's no fun having to go to the grocery store for a battery.

Lastly, my last scale was a pain to turn off and on.  The on/off button was one in the same and made it frustrating to use.  This scale uses the Tare button to turn on and actually beeps and says, "HI" when it is turned on.  It also has an auto shut off so I save on the battery life.  The design is a sleek and thin platform that can be stored on the counter or in the drawer.  The only downside to this scale, is that it is made of tempered glass.  I have first hand experience of these type of glass scales shattering.  If you are a bit of a klutz, like me, having a glass scale may be a downfall.  

If you are looking for a kitchen scale that offers a larger weight capacity, uses regular batteries, and has an auto shut off feature, this may be a good option.  It is reasonably priced at 19.99 and can be purchased at Amazon.

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