Thursday, May 7, 2015

Collagen Beauty Builder By NeoCell

Collagen Beauty Builder By NeoCell Retail $16.99

When I was contacted by NeoCell is try collagen supplements for “beauty” I will be 100% honest in that I was totally skeptical. But, I’ve never been one to shy away from at least trying something so I gave them a chance. Well, since you are reading this review, you have probably guessed that I have had great results and love this!

 I started taking these tablets with really not knowing what to expect. I purposefully did not read much on what it claims to do or other’s reviews because I didn’t want it to affect what I experienced (I’m trying to minimize the placebo effect). The front of the bottle says:
“Radiant skin
thicker hair
stronger nails
Of course these all had an asterisk to the disclaimer that these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA – which is standard for supplements. 

One bottle has 150 tablets and while the directions to say take 3 twice daily, I have only been taking 3 in the morning. I have been taking these for almost 2 months now (I started mid-March but did take a few weeks off in between) and there are three results I have seen. These results are why I will continue to take these indefinitely!
1 – My lips are less chapped.
I never realized how chronically chapped my lips were until they stopped being chapped all the time. I would get little dry flakies pretty often, and was always using lip balm and exfoliants to keep my lips smooth.
After taking these for about 6 weeks, I realized that I wasn’t reaching for lip balm like I used to. My lips felt soft, and perhaps even a bit plumper. I no longer had to exfoliate them to keep away the flakies. I was in awe.
2 – My hair doesn’t fall out as much
About 6 weeks ago, I got my hair highlighted. Usually, after dying my hair, my hair revolts in anger and decides to leave me. I notice more hair coming out after the shower, when combing, etc. It’s not like a lose chunks of hair, but it is a little more than usual for awhile.
Well, after dying my hair this last time, I realized – hmmm, my hair isn’t falling out as much as it used to. Could it be the NeoCell? Once again, I was skeptical but I can’t explain any other reason for why I am losing less hair than the norm. Of course I still lose some hair each day, it’s normal. But I swear not as much as I used to.
3 – My nails are stronger

I have always had weak nails and as soon as they get a little long, they break off.  Well, I have been able to grow out my nails and for the first time in a long time, I filed and painted them!  I finally get to use all of the nail polishes I have collected over the years and paint my nails this summer....YIPPY!

So overall – I am in love with these supplements. The fact that my lips are less chapped alone is a huge win for me. I never realized how much of my life revolved around keeping my lips looking good until I didn’t have to anymore! And the hair and nails are a huge bonus too!

Product provided for review.

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