Sunday, May 24, 2015

GO BARE Salon Tech Cellulite Reduction Cream

Salon Tech Cellulite Reduction Cream
Retail $26.97

Yep, I'm going there....CELLULITE!  This is never a fun and exciting topic to blog about, but hey, we all have it.

Now I know that no cellulite cream is going to take away my cellulite completely…if it did…everyone would purchase the magic in a bottle.  It’s just not possible.  However, what is possible is cellulite reduction from a cream like this, along with a proper diet and exercise.

Several cellulite creams on the market have a very strong “Bengay” scent and are not pleasant to use.  I have tried several cellulite creams, including the “Bengay” type and I can’t use them because they stink so badly.

Let’s talk about GO BARE…

This cream comes in a pump bottle.  I love pump bottles compared to ones that come in a jar.  This makes it so much easier to push a few pumps and apply.  It has a LIGHT scent (minty/citrus) that smells like any other daily moisturizer.  The bottle size is HUGE and will last several weeks.  So…. it doesn’t stink and it will last awhile.  Two thumbs so far!

It also contains several active ingredients and the two I am most excited about are Vitamin A (Retinoid) and Caffeine.  The cellulite creams that I have had the most success with are the ones that contain these two ingredients. 

My Results

It has been almost 3 weeks since I started using Go Bare.  I have been religious about applying it to the back of my thighs, tummy, and under arms.  It is not a greasy formula and does not leave my skin feeling sticky or tacky.  It actually doesn’t feel like a cellulite cream at all….it reminds me of basic body lotion.  Anyways, I have seen slight improvement in my “dimples” and my skin looks a little less bumpy.  I can’t say that my cellulite is gone or this is some kind of magic in a bottle, because it’s not.  I can say that it has made my skin look a little smoother, but my cellulite is still present. 

I think this is an “OK” cream, but by no means a must have for me.  I have tried other creams like I mentioned and a few I like better than this one (Body Merry, Setavan).  I will continue to use up the bottle but this is not a cream I would repurchase.

If you would like to read more reviews or purchase GO BARE, you can click the link below.


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  1. I was sold at "it doesn't stink"! Great to hear that it doesn't have an unpleasant scent! The pump style bottle also sounds really convenient! Great review. :)

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