Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Smart Weight-Digital Food Scale- Review

Smart Weight-Digital Food Scale- Review $19.99

A couple of weeks ago my kitchen scale shattered into a million pieces.  It slipped out of my hands....and the glass top shattered.  The funny thing was, I had just ordered this scale to review but it  had not arrived yet.  I was so happy when it finally arrived as I use a kitchen scale every day.  I thought the last scale I had was pretty cool.....but then this scale arrived and it is ten times better!!

Lets talk about the specific specs and get them out of the way, then I will tell you why I like it better.

Capacity-5g/ 11lb

I really like two things about this scale, the first being the weight capacity is 11lb!!!!!  YES!  My last scale had a weight capacity of 7lb and it was really limiting.  I could not weight heavier items to ship and it held me back from shipping at home.  Anything over  7lbs I would have to take to the post office to have weighted.  

Also, this scale takes regular batteries instead of those small round ones that I never have on hand.  I always have regular batteries laying's no fun having to go to the grocery store for a battery.

Lastly, my last scale was a pain to turn off and on.  The on/off button was one in the same and made it frustrating to use.  This scale uses the Tare button to turn on and actually beeps and says, "HI" when it is turned on.  It also has an auto shut off so I save on the battery life.  The design is a sleek and thin platform that can be stored on the counter or in the drawer.  The only downside to this scale, is that it is made of tempered glass.  I have first hand experience of these type of glass scales shattering.  If you are a bit of a klutz, like me, having a glass scale may be a downfall.  

If you are looking for a kitchen scale that offers a larger weight capacity, uses regular batteries, and has an auto shut off feature, this may be a good option.  It is reasonably priced at 19.99 and can be purchased at Amazon.

Product provided for review.

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  1. this looks like a great product, I actually use kitchen scale almost everday. Thanks for a great review.