Sunday, June 28, 2015

InstaLash By Sieva

InstaLash EyeLash Growth Enhancing Serum By Sieva 
Retail $25.00

Have you ever wanted long, thick lashes?  It can be achieved by spending $$$ every month for eyelash extensions, or using a fiber lash mascara and risk getting it in your eyes, or you can use an eyelash growth stimulating serum like this one by Sieva.

I have tried all of the above methods and I can tell you from experience that the most effective long term results is achieved by using a serum.

I have also tried three brands of eyelash serums that range from $13.00 to $99.00 and I have seen the best results with Sieva ($25.00).  

What is Sieva InstaLash?

InstaLash is a unique eyelash growth serum that will help you achieve Longer, Darker, Thicker and beautiful eyelashes and brows.

A Targeted treatment like no other.
-Amino acid-rich peptides stimulate keratin production of eyelashes and brows at the follicle level
-It nourishes, conditions, and strengthens lashes with each application to help prevent breakage
-Coats lashes to help stimulate growth, boost volume and enhance strand softness.
-No need for false eyelashes, fake eyebrows and eyelash extensions.

Thoroughly formulated with high quality ingredients that yield results
-Panthenol makes the eyelashes stronger and prevents damage
-Hyaluronic acid is known to promote blood flow to give way for healthy hair growth
-Vitamin E adds extra length and thickness to lashes for added visible performance
-Produced in small batches to guarantee freshness and potency
-Made In USA, No parabens, Cruelty Free

Dont Take Our Word For It - Research results:
-17% increase of eyelash length shown in 30 days.
-19% increase of eyelash diameter shown in 30 days.
-3 times more eye lash volume shown in 15 days. 

My Experience

I have been using InstaLash twice daily, (morning & night) for three weeks.  I apply it to my lash line (like liquid mascara) in a thin layer.  I like to apply it at the very end of my skin care routine after I have applied moisturizers and serums to my face.  The tube is small but you only need a tiny amount on the lash line.  The description says you can also use it on your eye brows to fill in bald spots...I didn't use it this way as my eye brows are pretty full.

I wish I would have taken before and after pictures to show the dramatic difference.  My lashes are thicker and actually have little baby hairs coming in!  Im not really sure if they are any longer....but they are definitely thicker on both ends.  This product does not irritate my eyes as some eyelash serums can do.  It is a product that is made with natural ingredients so you can feel good about using it.  

Overall, this is working for me and I will have to buy another tube to continue with the results.  I think it is pretty reasonably priced (less than a $1.00 a day) compared to other lash serums on the market.  Lastly, I didn't see results right away and only started to see new growth at week 2 1/2.  This will not give you instant results....but be patient and results will come. 

You can purchase InstaLash Serum by Sieva on Amazon by clicking the link below.

Product provided for review.

Friday, June 26, 2015




I have tried coconut water before, and to be honest, my reaction was Meh.  I really didn't like the taste and I had a hard time figuring out why so many people liked it.  I was asked to review COCOZIA and I accepted thinking, with all its popularity, I should give it another shot....and I am so glad I did!

You see, COCOZIA comes in two flavors; original and chocolate.  The chocolate flavor and it is TO DIE FOR!  It literally tastes like chocolate milk, BUT BETTER!  I know, how can something taste better than chocolate milk?  However, it is refreshing, thirst quenching, and tastes a little less sweeter/sugary than regular chocolate milk.  

We just got back from camping a few days ago and took some of these along.  My girls saw them in the cooler and asked if they could try them....I thought, sure, but I was really thinking I didn't want them to try it because I wanted them all for myself (lol).  They split the16oz bottle and I served it over ice.  They fell in love just as I had...within the first sip they were hooked!  I was delighted they liked them because they are a healthier option than regular chocolate milk.  However, that meant I had to share my new love and sometimes I just don't want to share!!

  We were down to our last bottle on the trip and I heard the girls fighting over over it from outside the RV.  I went inside to see what all the fuss was about and they were fighting over who got the last one.  I honestly wanted to take it away and say, "problem gets it".  Instead we had them draw straws and my youngest one (Riley age 9) won the last bottle.

Then when we returned home, I was unpacking my oldest daughters clothes and when I opened her shoe drawer....well...this is what I found!

She is hiding the last of the COCOZIA in her drawer....sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!!


Chocolate COCOZIA (16.9 oz) 12 pack
Original COCOZIA (11.1 oz & 16.9 oz) 12pk or Singles
The original COCOZIA flavor is also refreshing, but for me, it is an acquired taste.  I do enjoy it in smoothies but drinking it alone is something I can't quite get the hang of.  Instead, I use it as a base in my kale smoothies.

Here is my recipe for the best kale smoothie:  
1/2 Original COCOZIA (6oz) oz coconut water
3 large kale leaves
1 banana
greek yogurt
1 scoop protein base (any brand)
1 tablespoon honey/Agave

Blend it all together....DELISH!!

I am so happy our family had the opportunity to try COCOZIA and I will be repurchasing the chocolate flavor.  I asked the owner if they will be offering the chocolate in a 11.1oz size in the future, as the 16.9oz is too large to put in my girls lunches.  She assured me it will be available soon.  I would also love to see even smaller sizes offered (8oz) as that would be ideal for the kiddos!

You can purchase COCOZIA on Amazon by clicking the following link.

Product provided for review.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Solution

180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Solution 

Retail $21.00

This is a wonderful product that you can use all over your body.  It is advertised as a stretch mark solution but it is really a toning/tightening and shaping solution.  I have been using it on my thighs, chest, under arms and belly.  I have REALLY been happy with the results and have truly fallen in love with this cream.

What is it?

- Ideal for use before pregnancy (prevention) and after pregnancy (repair) and/or weight loss
- Scientifically formulated to restore skin's firmness, tensile strength, and elasticity
- Protects the skin's structural layer from forming new stretch marks
- Active ingredients keep skin highly moisturized, nourished, and revitalized
- Clinically approved formula

Description From Amazon

This one-of-a-kind formula is clinically proven to dramatically increase skin elasticity, repair and firm skin tissues, and boost tensile strength at the deepest levels. In addition, it accelerates collagen production and activates the skin's self-repairing process. The formula's unique combination of active ingredients not only repairs existing stretched tissues, but also prevents the formation of new stretch marks. It also promotes hydration, stimulates cellular regeneration, and contains powerful antioxidants that protect your skin from free radicals and keep it toxin-free. Ideal for use before pregnancy (prevention) and after pregnancy (repair), or while dieting. At 180ยบ Cosmetics, we believe in creating solutions that help maintain and restore your youth, beauty, and femininity, so you can feel confident all over, every day. All of our advanced formulas contain the highest-quality nourishing oils and natural extracts, and are never tested on animals. 
Like I mentioned, I have been using this cream for 2 weeks.  It is a thicker cream that requires some massaging.  It does not leave your skin feeling greasy and it absorbs quickly.  One of the best things is that it smells AMAZING!!!  Most of the time, these types of creams smell like medicine and are awful to use.  Not this one, it has a luxurious scent and feels like a "Bath & Body Works" body butter.  

Final Thoughts

It has tightened my sagging chest skin, flabby thighs, and my under arms feel firmer.  I have never used a cream like this before and honestly didn't know they existed.  I knew that they make eye creams that tighten the bags under the eyes....but not a cream for the entire body.  One last thing, it comes in a huge bottle that will last at least a month.  

If you are looking to tone and tighten your skin this summer, I would highly recommend this product!!!!  I love it and will reorder it!

Product Provided For Review

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

VANISH Stretch Mark Removal Cream By Protege

VANISH Stretch Mark Removal Cream By Protege 

Retail $28.00

Protege is an all natural skin care company that I have had the opportunity to try.  I have tried several of their products and am going to be talking about one in particular today.  VANISH is Protege's advanced stretch mark cream.  It helps to regenerate and repair damaged skin to help eliminate stretch marks.  

VANISH contains the peptide, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) which is a revolutionary ingredient that stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells.  It also contains Fucoxanthin, Sea Kelp, Astaxanthin and Copper Peptide to help diminish your unwanted stretch marks. It can be used on you arms, legs, buttocks, thighs......anywhere on the body.  

My Experience

I have had some stretch marks on the back of my buttocks area for quit some time.  They have always been a bother to me and I was eager to give VANISH a try.  The cream comes in a pump bottle that can take a few pumps to get it going.  Once it comes out, you will notice it is not the typical white cream, instead it is a light brown color.  So don't be alarmed and think you got a bad bottle, this is how it should look.

My stretch marks are purplish in color and the longest one is about 2 1/2 inches.  I apply a small amount (one pump) to the area and rub it in really good.  I also wanted to mention that I use the cream right after I get out of the shower.  Since my skin is warm I think it helps to absorb better (I could be wrong....but it feels that way).

After 4 weeks of continual use, my stretch marks have changed in color slightly, and seem to have shortened a bit.....not drastically.....just a little.  My stretch marks are still present, but they are not as noticeable and have gone from purplish color to light silver.  

I would love to see this cream completely get rid of my stretch marks....but I know that is just not going to happen.  I am on the fence about getting another bottle and am curious if the purplish coloring will come back if I stop using it?  I am torn as I have made great progress so far, but unsure if they will get any lighter with continued use.  I feel like I hit a plateau at week three and the progress stopped.  

I think I will reach out to the company and ask them these questions.  They do have excellent customer service and are prompt to respond to inquiries.  Lastly, I wanted to mention that this cream is NOT for scars, they have a different cream for that.  However, VANISH can be used on old and new stretch marks. 

You can read more reviews or purchase VANISH by clicking the following link.

Product provided for review.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

OCHEE Clever Bluetooth 4.0 Music Steaming Receiver

OCHEE Bluetooth 4.0 Music Steaming Receiver 

Retail $17.03

My daughter just got her first car and really wanted the ability to stream music from her iPhone.  This OCHEE Bluetooth Receiver is perfect for not only streaming music but also making and answering calls.  The last thing I want to worry about is her fumbling with her phone while driving!!  This device gives her "hands free" capabilities and sets my mind at ease.

This video demonstrates my daughter and I using the  OCHEE Receiver.

The technical specs include:

Bluetooth CSR 4.0

RF Frequency range: 2.4GHz-2.48GHz

Battery capacity 100mA

Talk time-up to 6hrs

S/N Ratio:>95dB

Weight of product:10g

3.5mm audio out

Can answer calls

LED indicator

Micro USB charging


I could tell from the packaging that this was a high quality product. Once I opened it, I charged it and I was up and running in about 30 minutes. I like that it is a quality product....not a cheap piece of plastic that is going to break in a few days. This receiver is solid...charges quickly, allows my daughter to talk and listen to music, and takes up very little space. It has a mic, volume control, and a flashing bluetooth button that means different things (time to charge, fully charged). 

If you want to use your use your phone via bluetooth in your car with a wireless connection, this will do the trick. My only suggestion is to have it automatically turn on once I plugged it in instead of having to hold the button down for three seconds....this is a small complaint and would not hold me back from getting another one for our other car. Great product, enough said!!

Click here to order your OCHEE RECEIVER!

Product provided for review.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Nutriscal™ Hair Growth Vitamins Review

Nutriscal™ Hair Growth Vitamins Review

Retail $39.99

Getting older means wrinkles and hair loss.  I have reviewed several beauty products and now I will be switching gears to hair products.  When I was in high school, I had BIG, THICK, LONG hair. 

Did I stress the word BIG!

Having a head of hair was never an issue until I hit 40.  Nowadays, my hair is thinning and dull.  It lacks shine and fullness and I would do anything to have it revived.  

I was offered the chance to review Nutriscal Hair Growth supplements and share my experience.  I have been using these for one month and really like what I am seeing.  

Before I started taking these, I did some research on hair supplements.  What I found is most of these type of supplements have a long ingredient list.  They almost read like a multivitamin, and for good reason.  The common causes of hair loss are nutrient deficiency and the rogue hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).  The best way to treat hair loss would be to supply the hair follicles with enough nutrients to grow hair and to block DHT from getting to the hair follicle. 

What is DHT?  I'm not going to go into great detail as it is a very scientific, but what you need to know is that it is very important for hair re-growth.  Some supplements contain DHT blockers and some do not.  

Nutriscal contains 24 active vitamins and DHT blockers.  The blockers it contains are Saw Palmetto (fatty acid), Grape Seed extract, Green Tea, and Pygeum extract.  It actually contains 250mg of Saw Palmetto whereas others only contain 200mg or less. The combination of the DHT blockers and 
 the 23 other vitamins makes this an effective hair growth supplement.  Stopping DHT production and nutrient deficiency will aid in hair growth.

These pills are rather large and I had the most success with breaking them in half.  This bottle contains 60 tablets and is a one month supply.  

My Results

As with any supplement, things do not happen over night.  I wanted to get a true gauge on my results and stopped taking my Omega 3, phytoceramides, Probiotic, and Cod Liver.  I only took this supplement 2x a day for 30 days.  I am very happy to report that my hair stronger and more vibrant.  To be honest, I feel really great overall and even my nails are growing.  My hair is not falling out as much and ending up in the drain or on my hair brush.  It looks shinny and more vibrant.  

I think that taking these along with a topical solution (Minoxidil) and shampoo & conditioner (RegenePure) that promotes hair growth would be the way to go.  If you are looking for a supplement that is nutrient dense and contains DHT blockers, this would be one to look at.  Not all hair supplements are the same, just because they contain biotin, does not mean they will promote growth.  I learned that a supplement must contain DHT blockers to be effective.    It would be great if this contained a few more natural blockers like Red Raspberry and Cats Claw.  

If you would like to purchase Nutriscal or read more reviews, please click the following link. 

Product provided for review.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Minoxidil 5% Spray for Hair Growth for Men Review

Minoxidil 5% Spray for Hair Growth for Men Review 

Retail $31.47

Getting older is NO FUN!  Both my husband and I turned 41 this year and with age comes hair loss.  I did some research on hair loss and the majority of it is hereditary.  The bad part is both my parents and my husbands parents have thinning hair. 

My husband was offered the opportunity to try out the Precision  Minoxidil spray by Regenepure.  They offer an entire line of hair growth products and last month I got to  try the Regenepure conditioner.  I fell in love with the conditioner and knew this product would be something he should try!!  From the date of this post, it has been exactly 32 days since he first started the Minoxidil treatment.  

Before I get into his results, let me talk more about Precision and what makes this product unique.  All Minoxidil products contains 5% Minoxidil for men.  So if they all contain the same amount of Minoxidil, what makes this product special....


This product comes in a spray bottle with a unique spray nozzle (see photo).  You can target direct areas for treatment and not waste any product on areas where you don't need it.  Other products come in a foam form and can be really messy.  Or, they come in a typical spray bottle that sprays everywhere and not where you really need along the hair line.

Product Description:

RegenePure Precision Spray is the only 5% minoxidil formula on the market to use our breakthrough fine mist spray applicator.  RegenePure Precision's high grade 5% minoxidil formula is clinically shown to stop the progression of male pattern baldness and regrow hair. The fine mist applicator spray ensures that the formula reaches the scalp for maximum effectiveness and makes RegenePure Precision an effective, safe treatment for androgenic alopecia.

  • Best hair loss treatment and most effective product to fight male pattern baldness.
  • Regenepure Precision Minoxidil spray directly targets your scalp with its fine mist spray applicator, giving maximum results with minimum waste.
  • Minoxidil is clinically proven to stop hair loss and regrow hair.
  • Extremely effective and is the fastest way for promoting new hair regrowth.
  • Includes Minoxidil 5% for over-the-counter use.


My husband has been using 3-4 pumps 2x day for 32 days.  He sprays on the top of his head and around the front (hairline).  He then massages the solution into his scalp for 1-2 minutes.  He likes that is not a heavy solution and can style his hair as usual after it dries.

After 32 days of continual use, he is just starting to see baby hairs on the top of his head.  To be honest, I can't notice a difference.  However, when I rub my hand over the top, I can feel little soft, fuzzy hairs.  

The great thing is this solution works and my husband is very excited.  The bad part is he will need to continue to use the solution or the growth will stop.  I figure at the cost of 1.00 a day, his happiness is much more important.  

If you have tried Minoxidil in the past, and have been unhappy with the delivery system, I suggest giving Regenepure a shot.  I would also like to mention that he has also been taking Biotin supplements as well.  The combination of the two have been very successful.

Product provided for review.

Friday, June 5, 2015



I'm giving away this HUGE pool!

WOOHOO!  It's time for The Summer Time Giveaway!  Thanks to Freebie Ninja for hosting this blogger collaboration giveaway.  I am giving away this Awesome POOL!!!  

To enter, make sure to check out the other blogs and get a "CODE WORD" from each blog.   Enter the "CODE WORD" into the rafflecopter to move on to the next giveaway.  

My code word is "POOL".

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Winner will be notified and must respond within 24hrs.  The prize will be shipped directly from Amazon to the winners address.  Must be 18 to enter.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

RevitaGen Stretch Mark and Skin Repair Formula Review

RevitaGen Stretch Mark and Skin Repair Formula 

My last review was on a cellulite cream and now we are going to be talking about stretch marks!  WooHoo!  But seriously, this is never a fun topic to talk about, however, it is a concern I have and maybe you do too.  

Revitagen comes in a large 4oz tube.  This cream can:
~Diminish the appearance of stretch marks~
~Firm and tone the skin~
~Stimulate collagen production~
~Moisturize and hydrate the skin~

Its active ingredients are:
~Shea Butter~
~Coca Butter~
~Palmitoyl oligopeptide & pentapeptide~
~Sigesbeckia orientalis extract~
~Aloe Vera~

My Thoughts

I have been using Revitagen religiously for three weeks.  I apply it to the back of my thighs and buttocks.  My purplish marks have greatly diminished and they are much lighter.  This cream really works on lightening the color of the stretch marks and evening out the overall appearance of stretch marks.  I have noticed the greatest difference on my buttocks area.  Not only has the color gone from light purple to silver, they also seem to be shorter in length as well!

Like I mentioned, I have been using the cream for three weeks and have barely made a dent in the bottle….it is still 2/3 full.  I only use a dime size amount and find that applying it right after I get out of the shower when the skin is still warm works the best. 

One last thing to mention, applying the cream with a derma roller will help speed up progress.  The derma roller helps to penetrate the cream deep into the skin.  I just ordered a roller from Amazon and will be using it with the cream in the coming weeks. 

I am very happy with this cream overall and will continue to use it daily.  This is one product I would recommend and I will reorder.  If you would like to read some more reviews or purchase RevitaGen, you can do so by clicking this Amazon link or visit Lets Talk Beauty. 

Product provided for review.