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I have tried coconut water before, and to be honest, my reaction was Meh.  I really didn't like the taste and I had a hard time figuring out why so many people liked it.  I was asked to review COCOZIA and I accepted thinking, with all its popularity, I should give it another shot....and I am so glad I did!

You see, COCOZIA comes in two flavors; original and chocolate.  The chocolate flavor and it is TO DIE FOR!  It literally tastes like chocolate milk, BUT BETTER!  I know, how can something taste better than chocolate milk?  However, it is refreshing, thirst quenching, and tastes a little less sweeter/sugary than regular chocolate milk.  

We just got back from camping a few days ago and took some of these along.  My girls saw them in the cooler and asked if they could try them....I thought, sure, but I was really thinking I didn't want them to try it because I wanted them all for myself (lol).  They split the16oz bottle and I served it over ice.  They fell in love just as I had...within the first sip they were hooked!  I was delighted they liked them because they are a healthier option than regular chocolate milk.  However, that meant I had to share my new love and sometimes I just don't want to share!!

  We were down to our last bottle on the trip and I heard the girls fighting over over it from outside the RV.  I went inside to see what all the fuss was about and they were fighting over who got the last one.  I honestly wanted to take it away and say, "problem gets it".  Instead we had them draw straws and my youngest one (Riley age 9) won the last bottle.

Then when we returned home, I was unpacking my oldest daughters clothes and when I opened her shoe drawer....well...this is what I found!

She is hiding the last of the COCOZIA in her drawer....sneaky, sneaky, sneaky!!


Chocolate COCOZIA (16.9 oz) 12 pack
Original COCOZIA (11.1 oz & 16.9 oz) 12pk or Singles
The original COCOZIA flavor is also refreshing, but for me, it is an acquired taste.  I do enjoy it in smoothies but drinking it alone is something I can't quite get the hang of.  Instead, I use it as a base in my kale smoothies.

Here is my recipe for the best kale smoothie:  
1/2 Original COCOZIA (6oz) oz coconut water
3 large kale leaves
1 banana
greek yogurt
1 scoop protein base (any brand)
1 tablespoon honey/Agave

Blend it all together....DELISH!!

I am so happy our family had the opportunity to try COCOZIA and I will be repurchasing the chocolate flavor.  I asked the owner if they will be offering the chocolate in a 11.1oz size in the future, as the 16.9oz is too large to put in my girls lunches.  She assured me it will be available soon.  I would also love to see even smaller sizes offered (8oz) as that would be ideal for the kiddos!

You can purchase COCOZIA on Amazon by clicking the following link.

Product provided for review.

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