Tuesday, June 2, 2015

RevitaGen Stretch Mark and Skin Repair Formula Review

RevitaGen Stretch Mark and Skin Repair Formula 

My last review was on a cellulite cream and now we are going to be talking about stretch marks!  WooHoo!  But seriously, this is never a fun topic to talk about, however, it is a concern I have and maybe you do too.  

Revitagen comes in a large 4oz tube.  This cream can:
~Diminish the appearance of stretch marks~
~Firm and tone the skin~
~Stimulate collagen production~
~Moisturize and hydrate the skin~

Its active ingredients are:
~Shea Butter~
~Coca Butter~
~Palmitoyl oligopeptide & pentapeptide~
~Sigesbeckia orientalis extract~
~Aloe Vera~

My Thoughts

I have been using Revitagen religiously for three weeks.  I apply it to the back of my thighs and buttocks.  My purplish marks have greatly diminished and they are much lighter.  This cream really works on lightening the color of the stretch marks and evening out the overall appearance of stretch marks.  I have noticed the greatest difference on my buttocks area.  Not only has the color gone from light purple to silver, they also seem to be shorter in length as well!

Like I mentioned, I have been using the cream for three weeks and have barely made a dent in the bottle….it is still 2/3 full.  I only use a dime size amount and find that applying it right after I get out of the shower when the skin is still warm works the best. 

One last thing to mention, applying the cream with a derma roller will help speed up progress.  The derma roller helps to penetrate the cream deep into the skin.  I just ordered a roller from Amazon and will be using it with the cream in the coming weeks. 

I am very happy with this cream overall and will continue to use it daily.  This is one product I would recommend and I will reorder.  If you would like to read some more reviews or purchase RevitaGen, you can do so by clicking this Amazon link or visit Lets Talk Beauty. 

Product provided for review.

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